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Green Times

The latest edition of the Green Times is out now and thank you to fellow plotter Martin for writing about the work going on in the site over winter time.

Green Times Magazine Spring 2023 | Aberdeen City Council

You can also request to be emailed when further issues come out by emailing the team at

Community Greenhouse

Our new community greenhouse at the bottom of the site is now available for plotters to use to raise seedlings or plants.  Please follow the guidelines attached to the greenhouse and ensure that the door is shut after use.  There is a latch on the top left to secure the door after closing.  We would especially like to thank Bryan Hall for all the amazing work he has done on the greenhouse and the surrounding landscaping.  This is a great facility for the site kindly donated by former allotment holder Bill Niven.

Allotment Audits

Following our attendance at the Allotment Representatives Network (ARN) Meeting this week Aberdeen City Council have advised us that the first allotment audit of the year will take place during April.

Scottish Government Consultation - ending the sale of peat in Scotland

Last month the Scottish Government launched a consultation on ending the sale of peat in Scotland including phasing out the use of peat in horticulture.

It appears that so far only England and Wales are intending to do so during 2024.  The Scottish Government has yet to decide on when it will no longer be possible to buy peat based gardening products but it appears a ban in Scotland may be on the way.

Anyone can take part in the consultation with a closing date of 12 May 2023.

Scotland Consultation Document

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