The main purpose of the Committee is to organise the site, working to improve facilities and infrastructure for the benefit of Slopefield Allotment Association members, and therefore, to improve their gardening experience and time spent at Slopefield.


Sue Callan (Chairperson)
Plot 80
David Davidson (Treasurer)
Plot 72
Bob McGregor (Secretary)
Plot 84
Terry Stott (Site Officer)
Plot 36
April Schelbert (Comms & Website)
Plot 52
Martin Toward
Plot 41
Gordon Collier
Plot 17
Val Souter
Plot 82
Jane Jones
Plot 70
Loraine Milne
Plot 40
Laura Sharp
Plot 87
Dengiyefa Okeefe
Plot 62A


Slopefield is made up of 6 rows of allotments each of which is represented by a Row Rep who liases with all the plot holders on their particular row and are there to give advice on any matter that the plot holder wishes to raise.


Plots 1 to 16
Sue Callan Plot 80
Plots 17 to 30
Gordon Collier Plot 17
Plots 31 to 44
Loraine Milne Plot 40
Plots 45 to 58
Mike Graham Plot 45
Plots 59 to 72
Eddie Marshall Plot 60
Plots 73 to 86
Jane Jones Plot 70



When new allotmenteers arrive on the Slopefield site they are initially given a micro plot which is a quarter of the normal half plot which is standard. The reason for this is to allow the new plotholders to realise how much work is required to work a plot successfully and to make sure they are going to enjoy the work involved.........not everyone decides that it is for them.

To aid micro plotters in their initial year we have experienced growers they can ask for advice.

First step is to pop us an email



There is lots of information on the Aberdeen City Council website including the latest Allotment Regulations, How To Apply For An Allotment and towards the bottom of the Council page are Related Links and Resources which you may find useful.



In 2013 the Hutton Hut was kindly donated, erected and is maintained by The James Hutton Institute and formally opened by it's CEO Professor Iain Gordon.

The hut is situated on the Community plot no.11 and is used as Slopefield Allotment Association headquarters primarily as an educational resource centre for Airyhall School visits, "Open Hut Surgery" talks and for social occasions such as our Community days and annual barbecue.

SAA greatly appreciate the ongoing support and sponsorship given by


Hutton Hut.jpg



It's Your Neighbourhood


It's Your Neighbourhood is a non competitive community environmental improvement campaign run in Scotland by Keep Scotland Beautiful. It is part of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Britain in Bloom campaign.

The campaign - based on the three themes of Community Participation, Environmental Responsibility and Gardening achievement - is designed to attract volunteer led community groups which are cleaning and beautifying their neighbourhoods whether through community allotments, after school wildlife clubs, school eco-groups, Friends of Park groups, or adopting pieces of derelict land.

Keep Scotland Beautiful rewards participating groups through a series of certificates to acknowledge the good work being done on behalf of their communities.

Since registering with It's Your Neighbourhood in 2012 SAA achieved a 'Thriving' award in our first year, 'Outstanding in 2013 and 2014 followed by 'Outstanding' with a 'Certificate of Distinction' in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

You can see all of our awards here.

Airyhall School

In 2013 Slopefield Allotment Association invited  Airyhall Primary School to begin visiting the allotments every Thursday during term time. A series of events and activities were developed in conjunction with the James Hutton Institute to teach the children where their food comes from and become more aware of the environment. Subsequently the school were gifted plot 10 next to the community plot by Aberdeen City Council.

An open day for parents is held each Autumn and SAA receives very positive feedback from pupils, teachers, parents and the judges from "Britain in Bloom" and "It's Your Neighbourhood"

The activities are organised by Terry Stott and a willing group of helpers with the children getting involved with planting seeds, watering and nurturing the plants and eventually harvesting their crops.

Much fun is had by all!

Click here to see some lovely photos of their visits.

The Allotment Market Stall - TAMS

The Allotment Market Stall was established in 2012 with the intention of bringing fresh, seasonal, allotment grown, local vegetables and fruit to the residents of Aberdeen.

TAMS aims to reduce food waste, reduce food miles and so improve our local environment with any unsold produce going to the Foodbank Network.

The market stalls sell excess produce from allotments across Aberdeen during July, August September and October on Fridays and Saturdays at various parks across the city.



Slopefield Allotment Association's first award was after registering with It's Your Neighbourhood in 2012 where we were presented with a Thriving Certificate. Since then various awards have been won and we are proud of the work done by everyone at our site.




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