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Beetroot Chutney

beetroot chutney recipe

Ingredients (makes five 450gm jars)

1.5kg beetroot.

500gm onions, chopped.

650ml malt vinegar.

750gm apples, cored peeled and chopped.

225gm sultanas.

3tsb ground ginger.

1kg sugar.

1tsp salt.


Wash the beetroot and cook unpeeled until just tender. Drain,cool, peel and chop into cubes. Cooking time will be at least one hour, depending on size of beets, so test with skewer as they cook in pan. Alternatively 25 to 35 minutes in a pressure cooker, depending on size.

Stew onions in a preserving pan with 150ml of vinegar until soft then add the apples, beetroot, sultanas, ginger, salt and remaining vinegar. Simmer gently until thick enough to draw a channel across the surface and mix in the sugar. Continue cooking until the mixture thickens again.

Gently crush the mixture in the pan with a potato masher if you want a smoother consistency. Pot into sterilised jars while hot and seal immediately.

Store in a cool place for at least four weeks to mature before using.

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