Row Reps

Slopefield is made up of 6 rows of allotments each of which is represented by a Row Rep who liases with all the plot holders on their particular row and are there to give advice on any matter that the plot holder wishes to raise.

Row Reps

Row A --- Plots 1-16 --- Sue Callan - Plot no. 80.

Row B --- Plots 17-30 --- Gordon Collier --- Plot no. 17.

Row C --- Plots 31-44 --- Lorraine Milne --- Plot no. 40.

Row D --- Plots 45-58 --- Mike Graham --- Plot no. 45.

Row E --- Plots 59-72 --- Eddie Marshall - Plot no. 60.

Row F --- Plots 73-86 --- Jane Jones - Plot no. 70.

The "Buddy" System

When new allotmenteers arrive on the Slopefield site they are initially given a micro plot which is a quarter of the normal half plot which is standard. The reason for this is to allow the new plotholders to realise how much work is required to work a plot successfully and to make sure they are going to enjoy the work involved.........not everyone decides that it is for them.

To aid micro plotters in their initial year the 'Buddy' mentor system has been established which means that each micro plotter is allocated a "Buddy", an experienced grower, they can ask for advice. 


Micro Plots 62 A,B,C,D --- Sue Callan --- Plot no. 80 and Bob McGregor --- Plot no. 84.

Micro Plots 65 A,B,C,D --- Gordon Collier --- Plot no. 17 and Sandy Menzies --- Plot no. 33.

Micro Plots 76 A,B,C,D --- Bob McGregor and Terry Stott --- Plot no. 3